Truck Loader 4
Your favourite game is back again! Truck Loader 4 continues the challenging crate-loading business with new levels and crates to load up. The goal of the game is to load the crates into a truck in certain order. There's one or more crates in each level to load. Use the magnetic arm to pull the crates and carry them to the truck, passing the obstacles by pushing different buttons. Show us your skills, but be careful not to waste too much time or make too many mistakes in carrying and loading the crates, as you will get no points if you fail your mission to quickly do the job.
4.4 out of 5.0 based on 249113 plays
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249113 Users Played

Use AD/left and right arrows to move, W/SPACE/up arrow key to jump, left click on your mouse to activate the magnet and scroll button to move the crane

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